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Should I fight my Minnesota or Wisconsin DWI charge?

Some may argue that there is no fighting a DWI charge in the state of Minnesota or Wisconsin - that the legislature has removed legal possibilities and added mandatory sentencing guidelines for each of the degrees of DWI in Minnesota or Wisconsin.

Unquestionably - whether you believe that you are guilty or that you are innocent of operating while impaired - a simple reading of the statutory criminal code regarding DWI may seem obvious and unassailable to the unlearned eye. Nevertheless, there are nuances of DWI law that are quite complex, especially to a lawyer that does not specialize in the area of DWI defense practice.

In both Minnesota and Wisconsin, there are two different and distinct legal ramifications of the DWI criminal charge: 1) the criminal charge and 2) the administrative charge. Each charge bears a different standard of legal proof, a different legal "process" and a different state entity to defend against. Simply put, it is an attorney skilled in the practice of DWI law distinctions that you should consult to interpret the facts of your specific case and help you considerably to understand when to fight, how to fight and what consequences lay ahead, if any.

A DWI conviction could result in a lengthy loss of your driver's license, incarceration in jail, impoundment of your vehicle, required use of DWI license plates, a criminal record, a probation sentence, court-ordered education, chemical dependency treatment, and thousands of dollars in fines and increased insurance costs. Even worse, it is not uncommon for people to lose their jobs, marriages and family relationships as the result of a DWI.

With this larger picture in mind, you should seek the counsel of a zealous attorney who will fight for you and fully investigate every stage of your arrest. Did the police have constitutional grounds for the initial stop? Was there probable cause for a DWI arrest? Were you properly advised of your rights? An experienced Minnesota and Wisconsin DWI defense attorney will determine whether the testing was accurate or whether your due process was violated or hindered by police conduct.

Whether this is your first offense or another in a series of bad decisions resulting from chemical dependency, an experienced Wisconsin and Minnesota DWI defense attorney at Chmielewski Law Offices will be able to help you sort out the facts and make informed decisions rooted in your legal rights and with the dignity that you deserve.

Contact Chmielewski Law Offices today via our email form or toll free at 866-446-6529 to get an aggressive DWI defense lawyer with the trial skills and negotiating skills you need on your side.