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Establishing Minnesota and Wisconsin Paternity Rights

Minnesota Paternity Lawyer amd Wisconsin Paternity Lawyer

Even if they never married, both parents have the right under Minnesota and Wisconsin law to have relationships with their children. However, fathers not married to the mothers of their children must have paternity established before they can exercise their rights and responsibilities.

At Chmielewski Law Office, we help parents determine paternity. We help mothers secure child support by legally establishing paternity. We help fathers become involved in their children's lives by determining their paternity. In both cases, we have the experience necessary to help clients achieve their goals. Contact our law office in Woodbury, Minnesota for a free consultation to learn about establishing paternity. Call us toll-free at 866-446-6529.

What you Should Know About Paternity

Unmarried fathers have few rights until paternity is established. They also have no responsibilities. In practical terms, this means that:

  • Men may be unable to see their children
  • Women may be unable to obtain child support
  • Mothers can take their children to another city or another state, making it very difficult for fathers without paternity established
  • Fathers may be unable to gain custody of the children in the event of the mother's death

After paternity is established, men may be required to pay child support. They may also be granted time-sharing or visitation with the children. However, if a DNA test reveals that a man is not the father of a child, he is not liable for child support and will not receive court-ordered visitation.

How We Help

We help arrange a simple DNA test for fathers who wish to establish paternity. Once biological paternity is verified, we petition the court for custody or visitation. We help mothers by having the court issue an order for a paternity test. If it is established, we request an award of child support to the mother.

If the mother believes that a father seeking paternal rights would be unfit, we can represent her in court proceedings to prevent establishment of paternity and start an action for termination of parental rights. If a father believes that he is being wrongly pursued for child support, we can defend him against court action.

Learn More

To discuss establishing paternity, contact our law office in Woodbury, Minnesota. Call Chmielewski Law Office toll-free at 866-446-6529. Remember you need a competent Minnesota Divorce Lawyer or Wisconsin Divorce Lawyerto ensure that you are represented properly.